• Tell us how your company provides safety and security measures for the facility or transport.

We at Advanced Restraint Systems LLC, think that safety and security should always be a top priority to a Correctional officer when dealing with inmates; regardless of an inmates risk level, or temperament.

The unpredictable nature of an inmate could easily compromise both the safety of the officer, and the operational security of the penal institution in less than a few seconds.

Our company is focused, and dedicated to making new innovative products for officers that in conjunction with other products out on the market, will increase safety and security in both the facility, and while officers are in transport with inmates. We achieve this mission by developing products that give Correctional Officers increased reaction time, increased control over their inmates, and most importantly help to improve their situational awareness.

  • What are some of the latest improvements in product or procedure, or the field in general?

When it comes to running a correctional institution, lots of improvements have evolved overtime to help the institutions operate more efficiently. Correctional Officers today are receiving better training; and being hired with higher education levels.

The introduction of new technology, and equipment has only helped to increase a Correctional Officers ability to do their jobs more effectively; and it makes it easier for them to keep better control over inmates that they are incharged of overseeing. Alot of these improvements we see today in fact were a result of an error made from the past; everything from flawed institutional protocols, lack of necessary or limited equipment; and even underestimating the incarcerated inmates that are coming into the correctional system more educated.

Products that are constantly being developed today, are being built to keep inmates from doing things that other inmates have done in the past. Products are getting more complex, sophisticated, and hopefully meeting the needs of the Correctional Officer who is constantly dealing with hundreds of inmates at a time; inmates that pose a real threat not only to that officer, but also to other inmates, and the community around them. Innovative products and procedures today are aimed at helping to keep our Correctional Officers one step ahead of those we entrusted them to keep incarcerated.

  • Can you give us a problem/solution scenario that your company faced?

Here at Advanced Restraint Systems LLC, we have to constantly stay up to date on what is being reported about inmate behavior; as well as conduct our own do diligence research to keep up with the ever changing tactics of inmates that try to defeat devices meant to keep them in custody. This can be a daunting task, but this helps us as a company to create products that we feel inmates will find escape proof.

  • What do you foresee for the future, as far as changes in products or how safety and security are handled in the facility or in transport.

Here at Advanced Restraint Systems LLC. We foresee the constant need to improve, advance, and evolve all of our products overtime, as should other companies. Inmates are gaining access to new technology, constantly educating themselves on how to escape, how to pick locks, how to work computers, how to manipulate CCTV, how to manipulate smart phones, how to beat metal detectors, and so much more.

Despite the stigma; Inmates are not all uneducated just because they’re incarcerated. So whether at a facility, or in transport, the right training, the right knowledge, and especially the right equipment, can help keep officers much more safer on the job.