Since the handcuffs were first patented in 1912 by the Peerless Handcuff Company, and shortly thereafter when the company came out with the double lock feature; this restraint device worked efficiently to restrain individuals brought into justice. The handcuffs back then were very effective in keeping people restrained, and insured the safety and security of the law enforcement officer. The knowledge and training people have access to today however to escape the handcuffs was not readily available back then. We now live in a new age, where even the most novice person can learn to pick, shim, and escape the handcuffs like a pro. Knowledge that today is shared vastly online, in classrooms, and from criminal to criminal has completely rendered the handcuffs useless to say the least, providing only a false sense of security to the brave officers that put their lives on the line every day to protect the public


The Secure Fit Restraint Mitt is the newest and most innovative product to be introduced to the law enforcement market today; invented by a Disabled Iraq War Veteran with a law enforcement background.

The Secure Fit Restraint Mitt when used in conjunction with the handcuffs, or other wrist restraints; offers real protection against picking, shimming, tampering with and escaping the handcuffs locks. The Secure Fit Restraint Mitt acts basically as a Strait Jacket for hands, it is re-enforced with a cut resistant inner lining, constructed with nonslip military grade straps and materials, and is designed with a secure fit.

Made of the most durable and high quality grade material on todays market, the Secure Fit Restraint Mitts provides maximum protection against all (not some) handcuff escapes. Handcuff companies for years have tried to figure out how to make the handcuff more secure, more effective; they have spent all their time and energy focusing on the cosmetic side of the handcuffs to render a solution, and to solve the century old problem of making handcuffs escape proof; this all while inmates are escaping and killing law enforcement, bailiffs, and correctional officers on a continuing basis. Well we at Renco focused on the real problem, the one and only universal way an escape from handcuffs is even possible (THE HANDS and FINGERS). Without the use of an inmate’s hands and fingers, they have no way of picking a lock or using a shim to compromise or escape the handcuffs.

If these reasons are not a great enough benefit to invest in the SFRM for your department, there is even more. Other benefits that are offered by the Secure Fit Restraint Mitts are, they prevents contraband from being intercepted by inmates or detainees while in transport, prevents inmates form retrieving officers guns, can be used for inmates with mental illness to prevent cutting or suicide attempts, and increases officer reaction time in a handcuff escape attempted.

Questions we often get asked:

1. What is the primary purpose of the Secure Fit Restraint Mitt?

The primary purpose of the Secure Fit Restraint Mitt is for them to be used and work in conjunction with the handcuffs, as well as other wrist restraint devices. The Secure Fit Restraint Mitt prevent tampering and escape from all wrist restraint devices such as the Handcuffs, Wrist Straps, in example; the kind used in psychiatric hospitals, and Zip Ties. It offers maximum protection against the picking of locks, or the undoing or self-releasing of bondage straps or zip ties. Due to its versatility the (SFRM) also has many other benefits as well, such as preventing people who are in bondage from hurting themselves, in example; from scratching or cutting. It also prevents detainees from intercepting contraband, and using their hands to harm officers or other personnel while in transport.

2. How Does The Secure Fit Restraint Mitt Work?

The Secure Fit Restraint Mitt perform in the same manner as a Strait Jacket does to the body, except the Secure Fit Restraint Mitt are re-enforced, and specifically designed for the hands to be used with all kinds of wrist restraint devices. Once the SFRM are placed on the hands, they strap down each hand in a closed hand or fist position. The inner lining of the mitts are made cut resistant, and the straps are strategically placed to insure a secure tight fit, making use of the hands and escape from the gloves impossible. The concept of the Secure Fit Restraint Mitt are that if you take away the use of the persons hands, you take away their ability to perform escape techniques, such as picking, and shimming a lock or undoing bondage straps.

3. How vulnerable are handcuffs to being compromised?

Many people have learned how easy it is to pick or shim the handcuffs in order to escape them. With the simple lock design being used today, that hasn’t changed since the 1940’s, and in combination with the vast information and teachings circulating the internet of how to escape handcuffs by simply running a search on Google or Youtube , survival classes being taught by former military personnel and instructors, as well as the teachings of inmate to inmate, even the most novice person today can learn in a matter of minutes how to be a professional lock picker and escape artist ( Don’t believe this, simply google how to escape handcuffs to become a pro yourself). This endangers law enforcement officers, and other authoritative personnel’s personal safety by only providing a false since of security that they are in control of the person they have in bondage.

4. Why choose Secure Fit Restraint Mitt, when the Black Box was created to provide extra security to handcuffs?

Honestly, the Black Box is nothing more than an illusion that was created to block the key hole of the handcuffs in order to prevent escapes, and yet does nothing more to protect the handcuffs from being escape proof than using a stick of gum to add an extra security measure for re-enforcement. If the handcuff is double locked, and has the Black Box applied, all that needs to be done to escape the cuffs, is simply hitting the two devices with blunt force against a hard object to pop the pin and release the double lock in the handcuffs, then using a piece of thin metal called a shim, slide it between the deep set ratchet teeth and the pawl, pushing down on the spring, pulling out the bow to escape the handcuffs.

5. How does the Secure Fit Restraint Mitt measure up to other competitive products on the market designed to re-enforce the handcuffs, to prevent escapes?

Simply put, “We are better”! Unlike other products offered on the market to re-enforce the handcuffs and other restraint devices, our focus is on the universal problem which is the hands, it’s a simple concept of no use of hands, no ability to escape. Other products offered on the market, just focus on a cosmetic solution to provide stronger support and re-enforcement to the handcuffs, given enough time people and inmates just learn new ways of traversing these obstacles as well. One thing most handcuff and wrist restraint device escapes have in common, is that they are all executed using the hands.

6. How was the Secure Fit Restraint Mitt Created?

Interesting story; the inventor who is a disabled Iraqi War Veteran, was working as a new hire for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Terre Haute IN. While escorting an inmate one day; after insuring the handcuffs were secured and double locked per policy instruction. The inmate asked if he could show the rookie officer a magic trick, and then proceeded to raise both his hands in the air revealing the handcuffs completely unlocked and off his wrist. Though the inmate received consequences for his actions, this sparked in the rookie officers mind a need for more secure handcuffs. When the rookie officer asked the inmate how he freed himself, he responded with “most of us in here can do this, we just don’t want to lose our commissary privileges, as long as we have use of our hands there’s not much we can’t do”! So the rookie officer knew the fix was with the hands, not with just a handcuff cosmetic solution. This was the creation of the Secure Fit Restraint Mitt.

7. Where can Secure Fit Restraint Mitt be purchased?

Only from Renco Corporation, its partners and affiliates.